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Stock Market Analysis: 08/12/08


Therefore, I do not believe that the protests are funded by the locals. Therefore, the leakage of sensitive documents is impossible unless someone leaks them deliberately. Therefore, it looks like someone is trying to create a banking crisis at this moment to facilitate a financial crisis. Therefore, China has decided to rein in Ant’s business by imposing Ant to put up at least 30% of its own cash loans and restrict the loan criteria. Under the existing business structure, Ant only puts up 2% of its own cash and outsources 98% of cash loans to China banks without collaterals. This puts the banking industry in an extremely vulnerable position as the high-risk debts put tremendous stresses on the banks. It is not easy to raise local funds for the protests because many Thais are not doing well as Thailand’s economy is badly affected by the pandemic. Investors’ hopes for the end of the COVID pandemic are rising. It looks crystal clear that SUTD has proven itself to be a 3rd rated university because the covid-19 outbreak won’t end in July 2020 for Singapore.


A complete data analysis which involves qualitative and quantitative methodologies will reveal that the COVID outbreak won’t end in July 2020 in Singapore because SG has a less lethal but more infectious virus strain. However, if we also apply qualitative analysis on the data, we will be able to justify the low death number because the COVID virus strain in SG is less lethal than the west and Malaysia. Joe Biden can only implement the harsh measures as recommended by his adviser to contain the pandemic after 20 Jan 2021. One of the toughest measures will be to lock down the US for about 6 weeks to stamp out the virus. Compound that tax-free in your TFSA over the next decade and you will be happy you bought this trendy boutique in 2021! This lockdown will decimate the US economy and cause a big stock market crash, and the recovery will take decades because of the imposition of a new and permanent travel restriction (vaccination requirement). Like I said before, a healthy stock market must have corresponding economic traits and I didn’t see such economic traits to support the sky-high stock markets. Oracle stock has support down at $28. Oracle Corp. (ORCL) – Shares of Oracle Corp (ORCL) are currently in break out mode.

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